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SENINI STONE works with MARBLE, TRAVERTINE AND STONE to supply FLOORING AND CLADDING for interiors and exteriors. The company is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated technology for working with stone to enhance its quality and bring out the natural beauty which has fascinated people for millennia.

Established in the nineties thanks to the Senini family’s passion for building material production and supply, over time Senini Stone has grown to offer a vast range of valuable designer products both for flooring and cladding, as well as made-to-measure creations and furnishing accessories.

The various natural materials which are cut from the extracted block into tiles for flooring and cladding are given various Finishes (Tumbled, Brushed, Bush Hammered and many others) depending on the client’s request. In addition to this production they also make shower trays, sinks, worktops and made-to-measure pieces.

The qualified staff at SENINI STONE take care of the orders, from picking and selecting the blocks in the quarry to the creation of the product, with control and monitoring of the entire production cycle.

The company is based in Montichiari in Brescia, home to its offices, showroom, production and large warehouse. Thanks to its sales network which has been operating for a number of years in Italy and abroad, SENINI STONE products are enjoyed all over the world.





Owner, administration and finance director, manager of domestic and foreign sales and manager of the sales agent network in Italy and abroad.

Graduate in Economics and Commerce, she authorises economic and commercial conditions and supervises accounting transactions for each client. She is passionate about furnishing accessories and high-quality finishes. She has a good knowledge of English.

Director of the Consorzio Marmisti Brescia (Brescia Marble Consortium).



Expert in marble, travertine and fine stone. Slab specialist, block tester in different quarries around the world. 

High competence in cutting and processing  stone materials and related machinery.





Engineer, quality consultant.
He is experienced in cutting and working natural stone.
Graduate in Electronic Engineering, he guarantees the quality and value of the production of unique products manufactured in marble or travertine.


Manager of the warehouse, orders and their relevant packaging, retail outlet contact, synergy between offices and production, treatment consultant.

He specialises in artistic works and is a trusted associate.

The creative passion in all of the SENINI STONE team means that any customised design can be realised, guaranteeing maximum assistance and professionalism throughout the work project.


Architect, sales projects and marketing consultant, technical assistance for clients regarding materials, architectural consultancy and manager of work sites for surveys, laying, polishing and treatments, client satisfaction.
Graduate in Architecture, she is passionate about natural stone, as a material for both quality and structure; she interprets client’s dreams by providing specialised consultancy.
Creator of new products and coordinator of the showroom and exhibition rooms of retail outlets.
She speaks French and English.

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